Preeti to Unicode Converter । Convert Preeti Font into Unicode
प्रिति किबोर्ड लेआउट गाइड

Preeti Keyboard Layout

What is Preeti to Unicode Converter?

Preeti to Unicode Converter is a tool that converts preeti characters into Nepali romanized character. You can directly type preeti characters in the box above or paste the preeti fonts in the box, and press in the "Convert to Unicode" button to convert your preeti characters into Nepali Unicode

Why Unicode is needed?

Preeti font is mostly used in the official tasks whereas international websites does not recognize preeti font. For example, social media does not support preeti font. In this case you need unicode characters.

How it this Tool is Different From Other?

Our Preeti to Univcde Converter is easy to use, crafted with simplified user interface,direct copy option, refined character accuracy, and all in one tool. We have also tried to make the easy too where you get all types of Nepali tool that can be useful in daily life. Out tool also gives you the basic character guidelines in the sidebar.

Features of Preeti to Unicode Converter by Nepali Trends

Our tool has following features

  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Direct copy option
  • Customizable background
  • Typing character guide for beginners

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